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by {ŘÐ}ẄÎĻŁ on Aug 16, 2013 at 02:58 PM
when found out about clans I joined mando. Well Rancor was really mean to me and kicked me just because I made a clan of my own, DEATHWATCH CLAN.I started hating mando eversince, but when there was a new leader, Scorpion, I decided that he wasn't that bad. Me and him talked it over and now are not enemies. Then I joined rd
by {ṜḒ}Ḅḝᾅṧṱ™{ḸḎṚ4} on Aug 03, 2013 at 05:07 PM
I first met Scorpion in a match on Ghostship, I remember I was cussing some, he told me to try and stop. When I finally found out about clans, I decided to start wearing Mando clan tags, with permission from Scorpion of course. My name was {Mando}Beast{ARC}, I wore the fake rank ARC because I didn't want people thinking I was really in Mando.

I didn't join until June 24 2013, mainly because of my mom. When I finally joined, I was so exited. I made many friends in Mando. When Pokemaster created Ninja Alliance, I was the 4th member to join NA. But then came the time when I had to choose wheather to be in Mando or NA, obviously I chose Mando.

I decided that I wanted to contribute to Mando website by adding many pictures to the picture galleries. So far I have added over half of Mando's pictures. (People really need to add pictures, not just me)

I have always wanted to be an Elite in Mando, so i tried out for the rank. The first try out I was very close, I only needed less than ten more points to pass. The second try out I failed bad, but in a match right after that one I got 32 points in 9 minutes in Instagib. The third try I passed the first match, and I was doing good in the second match, but Quantum left the match and I ended up getting 162 points in about an hour and 19 minutes in that match. I do much better in RC when I'm not being tested, I get nervous under pressure.

I also wanted to be in the 212th Šñïpêr Dįvîšïøñ, it took a while for ŁørdÇøry to actually add me, but he eventually did, and I was very happy. Before I left Mando, I wanted to have my own division called 38th Ȁřḿøřęḏ Şḫøțģűŋ Dįvîšïøñ.

Some people in Mando don't know how to type with special letters, and some people wanted to add special letters to their name. I added them to 8 people's names for them in messages so far, and I also sent out a message to all Mando's telling them that I will happily add special letters to their names.